Helping Flood Restoration Companies with Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

​Tradeshow Talks with Corroventa

In this interview, AZoCleantech talks to Corroventa about the range of energy efficient dehumidifiers that they are showcasing this year at Contamination Expo 2018.

Could you tell me about the company and the work you do?

Corroventa manufacture drying equipment. Our Head office is in Sweden and we distribute and sell throughout Europe. We have both equipment for sale and a rental fleet of equipment that people can use.

The beauty of our equipment is it's designed to last. Equipment lasts normally in excess of 20 years and therefore it's very cost-effective for people when they're budgeting. As you can see, it's made to be very robust but very quiet and  efficient.

We've got this machine running here today at the show and you can hardly hear any noise in the background. It saves on noise pollution and  it is  less disturbance for policyholders when they've got it running in their house or offices.

What are the main benefits of your range of equipment that you've got here?

The equipment itself is more energy-efficient than anybody else's, but it's also more powerful. We've built a lot more features into the machines than our competitors have. For example, we made our machines more efficient by building the air movers into the machines, rather than having a separate piece of equipment using more power and making more noise.

There are two different types of dehumidifiers, but both of them do exactly the same principle; they remove moisture from the atmosphere which dries the structure of the building, using the air as the passageway to do so.

The machines are very efficient. Effectively, most of our machines run at about 25-30% more efficient than any of our competitors' machines.

What kind of industries and applications would see the  benefit of these products?

The majority of our business is with flood restoration companies. When properties have been flooded, companies come in to renovate the property. The first thing they need to do is dry the property out   and they use our equipment to facilitate that.

We also have our own training academy, so we can train them how to perform better and use our equipment better..

Flood restoration is the main instance, but a lot of people are now using it for confined spaces as well. In some basements or attic voids, which are not easily vented, our equipment can be used in those spaces to keep the humidity under control.

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