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C. E. (Sandy) Thomas has over 40 years experience in scientific research and related engineering activities. He started his career in coherent optical data processing (the subject of his Ph.D. thesis) and holography, and was the Director of the Laser and Optics Division of KMS Fusion when they were the first to successfully demonstrate a controlled thermonuclear reaction with a high power laser system on May 1, 1974, beating the Russians and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Dr. Thomas has also been involved with a project to commercialize amorphous silicon photovoltaic (PV) solar cells for SOHIO/ECD, and worked for eight years as a legislative assistant to Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) handling national security, energy and environmental activities for the Senator. He was a founder and served as the only President of H2Gen Innovations, Inc. and was a member of the Board of Directors and served on the Executive Committee of the National Hydrogen Association.

In May of 2010, Dr. Thomas was awarded the Jules Verne award for “superior service” by the International Association of Hydrogen Energy at the 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Essen, Germany. The inscription on this award reads “for his leadership in system studies, analyses, and entrepreneurship in development and commercialization of hydrogen technologies.”

Dr. Thomas has BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. He and his wife Anne have four children and seven grandchildren and currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia.

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