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BWC Tilt.Towers Suitable for Installing Small Wind Turbines

Bergey Windpower is a manufacturer of wind turbines and turbine towers.  Four models of turbine towers, namely guyed-lattice type, tilt-up tube type, tilt-up lattice type and SSV type are available from Bergey Windpower. The BWC Tilt.Tower is an out-of-the-box tower system suitable for small wind turbines. It is available solely for mounting the 1kW BWC XL.1 wind turbine.

BWC Tilt.Tower

The BWC Tilt.Tower kit includes fasteners and components required for assembling and grounding the tower. It can be installed in areas with minimum rocks and good soil without any concrete work. In weak or rocky soils, concrete is used to fix the anchors. The tower kit also includes “earthing” to protect the system against lightening damages. This tilt-up wind turbine tower is available in the following heights: 18 meters, 24 meters and 29 meters.

For installing the BWC Tilt.Tower, the tower has to be guyed in four directions. This turbine tower is guyed at vertical intervals of 6 meters. After assembling the tower, tower wiring and wind turbine on the ground, a winch or a vehicle is used to tilt-up the wind turbine and turbine tower to a vertical position. This tower includes a lever arm, called gin-pole. This gin-pole is connected to guy anchors in the base, which converts the pulling force into a lifting force. The BWC Tilt.Tower has a diameter of 114 millimeters and is made of galvanized steel.


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