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Hargassner 100kW Wood Chip and Pellet Boilers from Wood Energy

Wood Energy supplies the Hargassner 100kW wood chip and pellet boiler that features an automatic heat exchanger cleaning system and automatic ignition. The chamber of the biomass boiler is refractory lined and provides efficient combustion. The wood chip boiler features an automatic de-ashing system that cleans the grate regularly. The fly ash and grate ash are sent out to the ash box through the auger. After the ash box gets full, the boiler triggers an alarm automatically.

The Hargassner 100kW wood chip and pellet boiler automatically lights up with the help of a high temperature ignition gun. The wood boiler is equipped with a flue gas temperature sensor that signals it to shut off the ignition gun when the boiler runs efficiently. The biomass boiler, offered by Wood Energy, also includes an oxygen sensor that detects fuel quality automatically. According to the calorific value of the fuel, the control unit of the boiler regulates the stoker auger’s feed rate.

The Hargassner 100kW wood chip and pellet boiler comprises just one motor that is free of maintenance. With one motor, the number of electrical components is less and hence power consumption of the boiler is minimal. The nominal output of the wood pellet boiler is 28 to 100 kilowatts. The water content of the biomass boiler is 190 liters. The dimensions of the boiler are 1,700 x 840 x 1,280mm along with a weight of 1,010kg.


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