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Kali Pellet Stove Provided by Saey

Saey offers the Kali pellet stove. This stove incorporates an electronic monitoring system to monitor the burning temperature of the stove and regulates it. The monitoring system also controls the contact of flue gas fan and the conveyor worm that carry the pellets.

The monitoring system provides maximum heat with minimum usage of pellets thus reducing the operating costs, and operating errors. The controlled combustion and the availability of larger heat exchange area make the fuel burn fully. An installed safety temperature limiter ceases the combustion functions of the stove when over heated and allows only manual resumption.

The Kali Pellet Stove

The height × width × depth measurement of the Saey Kali pellet stove is 980 mm x 495 mm x 531 mm and weighs 101 kg with casing and steel front. This pellet stove has a fuel container to hold 16 kg of pellets. This pellet stove has a heating capacity range of 2.6–6.0 kW, and uses a 230V/50Hz main connection. The average electronic power input of this stove is <100 W and utilizes a 1.6 T fuse. The average delivery pressure of this stove under nominal heat output is 11.7 Pa and under part load it is 10.1 Pa. The average flue gas flow during nominal heat output is 6.6 g/s and during part load it is 3.8 g/s.

The Saey Kali pellet stove is designed to revert automatically to the set operating functions in case of power failure. The appliance is designed to switch off automatically when the stove temperature cools down lower than the minimum temperature or when delayed ignition occurs.


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