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Afton Bay Pellet Stove from St. Croix

St Croix offers the Afton Bay pellet stove. This stove use fuels such as wood pellets, cherry pits or a mix of corn and wood pellets. This stove stands on a pedestal and incorporates a large sized ash pan.

The bay window of the stove runs to the full width of the stove and offers admirable fire view. The Afton Bay pellet stove incorporates an automatic ignition and also features a manual ignition for use. The inbuilt hopper of the stove holds up to 65 lbs of pellet fuel and at low heat setting this stove can operate continuously for 54 h.

Afton Bay Pellet Stove

The minimum heat out put of the stove is 10,500 Btu and its maximum heat output is 40000 Btu and heats an area measuring 1800 sq.ft. This pellet stove incorporates a convection blower with a capacity of 210 cfm to spread the generated heat all over the area evenly. This EPA approved stove has an efficiency of 78% and its emissions rating is 0.7 g/h. The height x width x depth dimension of the Afton Bay pellet stove offered by St Croix is 31 in. x 25 in. x 23 in. and it weighs 285 lbs. The fire view wind of this stove measures 23 in. x 9.5 in. and its flue vent size measures 3 in.

This pellet stove does not incorporate a top vent and uses only the rear vent. This steel fabricated pellet stove is offered in black color. This thermostat compatible stove incorporates an exhaust temperature sensor and shuts down and reignites automatically. The pellet stove automatically shuts down during low draft conditions.

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