Polestar 2000 Emergency Alert System from National Solar Technologies

National Solar Technologies offers the Emergency Polestar 2000, a solar powered; push button activated emergency alert system. This system has a strobe/flasher and a siren that can be activated by a push button. The push button is protected from making false alarm. The siren utilized in the system sounds at 110 decibels and offered in 32 types of tones for use.

The flash lighting incorporated in this model uses clear type LED lights fixed in a vibration- and corrosion-free LED lamp housing. The LED lamps with 60,000 h of burning are provided in green, amber, blue or red lens color choices for increased visibility. The lamp and the siren are installed over a pole and the panic button switch is installed at the bottom of the pole.

Polestar 2000 Emergency Alert System

The Polestar 2000 emergency alert system provided by National Solar Technologies incorporates solar panels utilizing multicrystalline or monocrystalline type of solar cells pasted over tempered glass and fixed in a rigid aluminum frame construction and properly sealed to prevent moisture formation. This model utilizes 12V to 24 V DC maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries for storing power. The solid state solar controller with load control facility used in this model features PWM charging and performs low voltage disconnect and high voltage connect functions. This controller manages the voltage regulation.

The Polestar 2000 alert system incorporates a powder coated, rust resistant enclosure made of aluminum or stainless steel with vent for air flow and heat dispersion. For the purpose of securing solar panel to the pole and for securing power center with battery/controls this model utilizes universal type of mounting clamps. The lighting can be conveniently used in commercial utility places such as parks, shopping malls and public places.

Source: http://www.nationalsolaronline.com

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