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Astoria Pellet Stove Provided by Avalon

Avalon offers the Astoria Pellet Stove. This pellet stove is designed to consume 1.7 to 5.5 lbs of pellet fuel per hour to provide comfortable heating to a 2250 sq. ft. home.

This pellet stove incorporates a bigger-sized pellet hopper to hold 115 lbs of fuel to provide continuous heating up to 68 h. The heating hours can be extended by utilizing a wall thermostat. The Astoria pellet stove has standard features such as black door, black convection grill and a black top stand. The accessories provided along with the pellet stove include an optional remote control and a wall thermostat.

Astoria Pellet Stove

The height x length x width measurement of the Astoria Pellet Stove provided by Avalon is 33-3/8 inches x 28 inches x 26-1/2 inches and weighs 250 lbs. The outside diameter of air-inlet is 1-3/4 inches and the diameter of the exhaust is 4 inches. The viewing glass incorporated in the model measures 321 sq. in. The low Btu/h range of this model is 13,940 and the high Btu range is 45,100.

The easy-to-use control incorporated in the Astoria pellet stove allows manual setting of feed rate and blower speed. The heavy duty stainless steel burn pot is designed to burn all grades of pellet fuel, and the auto ignition system starts the burning function on the push of a button. The installed easy swing-out front and side doors allows effortless cleaning of the stove.


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