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PowerSpin TSW 4000 Wind Power System from TechnoSpin

TechnoSpin offers the PowerSpin TSW 4000 wind power system for home and commercial use. This wind turbine can be utilized with both on-grid and off-grid systems and stand-alone systems. The turbine of this wind turbine can be installed either on roof top or on a tower.

PowerSpin TSW 4000 Wind Power System

The maximum roof mast height of this wind turbine is 6 m and the maximum tower height is 7 m. The aerodynamic designed tail utilized in this wind turbine is not wind direction specific and produce power from any wind direction. The blades utilized in this model are designed to furl during tough wind conditions.

The wind power system provided by TechnoSpin incorporates a 4.2 m height rotor weighing 175 kg. This rotor requires a start-up wind speed of 2.5 m/s. The rated wind speed of this turbine is 12 m/s and this rotor is designed to withstand a maximum survival wind speed of 55 m/s. The rated power of this wind turbine is 4 kW and its rated efficiency is 45%. The TSW 4000 wind turbine produces 12 to 48 VDC for charging the battery and when connected to a grid the charge is adjusted to the requirements of the inverter. For protection against over speed this wind turbine incorporates mechanical and electrical protection options.

The PowerSpin TSW 4000 utilizes direct drive and does not suffer transmission losses. The bearings utilized in this model are lubricated for life-time usage and the PMG generator is designed to offer optimum efficiency.

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