Gull 4000 Flat Plate Solar Collector Model Provided by Gull Industries

Gull Industries offers the Gull 4000 Flat Plate Solar Collector model. This model has an extruded collector plate made of aluminum with copper piping. The water passages and manifold joints of this model are fixed with collared joints and copper-brazed for increased strength and material compatibility.

A special interlocking feature is used for integrating the individual fins into a single unit to offer increased intensity and integrity. This module is painted in weather-resistant velvet black.

The Gull 4000 Flat Plate Solar Collector Model

The Gull 4000 Flat Plate Solar Collector model provided by Gull Industries is available in three sizes. The biggest model measures 4 feet x 12 feet and has a dry weight of 70 lbs and wet weight of 85 lbs. The net collector area of this model is 45 sq. ft  and the maximum flow rate 5 GPM. Vertical fins utilized in this model effectively absorb sunlight even at shallow angles. The large-sized manifolds used in the model absorb more sun light, increasing the flow rate and distribution. A special type silicon-based heat transfer mix used in the model increases the heat transfer rate from the absorber plate to the copper tubes.

The Gull 4000 Flat Plate Solar Collector model is esthetically designed to suite the construction of a building. This model meets ASHRAE standard 96-80 and SRCC 100-81 and the quality requirements of ARI and FSEC test facility.


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