Gull Poly Pro Solar Collectors from Gull Industries

Gull Industries manufactures the Gull Poly Pro solar collector that is made of propylene copolymer and a stabilizer compound. This construction offers it with resistance to heat and light for a longer duration of time. The hardware used to connect one or more of these collectors or mount them on roofs is made from high quality rubber, plastic, stainless steel and nylon. The solar collector features two-inch manifold pipes that are resistant to clogging, offering better flow to the water.

Gull Poly Pro Solar Collector

The manifold pipes of the Gull Poly Pro solar collector are connected to small distribution tubes using the thermal welding process. This solar collector features a raised tube design that helps to capture sunlight. To allow the tubes to expand and contract freely, a gap of 1/4 inch is provided between them. Open air flow slots are also found between the tubes, preventing the collector from rising during high winds conditions as well as dry rot.

The Gull Poly Pro solar collector comes in three sizes of 4 x 8 feet, 4 x 10 feet and 4 x 12 feet. The 4 x 8 feet size solar collector, offered by Gull Industries, has a gross collector area of 31.4 square feet. The fluid capacity of this collector is 2.5 gallons. The manifold of the solar collector measures 50.5 inches in length, 2.875 inches in outer diameter and 2.0 inches in inner diameter. The Gull Poly Pro 4 x 8 feet solar collector weighs 14.3 pounds when dry.


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