Gull 5000 Series Solar Collectors from Gull Industries

Gull Industries manufactures the Gull 5000 series solar collector that can be used for pool heating, water heating and space heating applications. This solar collector is available with either copper or aluminum absorber plates. The copper absorber plate is suitable for solar water heating and space heating applications that require high temperatures and low flow. The aluminum absorber plate is suitable for pool heating that requires low temperature and high flow.

Gull 5000 Series Solar Collectors

The absorber plate of the Gull 5000 solar collector is attached to an anodized aluminum frame that has solar glazing in the front. The solar collector with copper absorber plate features copper fins. These copper fins are rolled around the copper tube and are seam locked mechanically. This helps to improve the thermal conduction of the collector. However, solders are not used during the seam locking process. The thermal collector, offered by Gull Industries, includes copper brazed collared joints in all manifold joints and water passages. When the solar collector is integrated with heat exchangers, controls, storage tanks and pumps, it offers a combination of applications.

The Gull 5000 solar collector can also be installed under pools or storage tanks to create a thermo-siphon that does not require heat exchangers, pumps or controls. The solar thermal collector with a dimension of 4 x 8 feet covers a net collector area of 30.67 square feet. The minimum flow rate of this collector ranges from 0.6 to 1.2GPM, while the maximum flow rate is 4GPM.


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