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L90 -2.5 MW Direct Drive Wind Turbine from Lagerwey Wind BV

Lagerwey Wind BV offers the L90 -2.5 MW direct drive wind turbine. This wind turbine deploys a permanent magnet generator offering optimum energy production even with partial wind speed.

This wind turbine functions on variable speed principle and incorporates an advanced electrical pitch system to reduce the load of the wind turbine for increased energy production. The main bearing incorporated in this wind turbine is designed to withstand the high-level wear and tear loads of the turbine. The automatic lubrication system utilized in the turbine is constantly supervised and easily accessible for maintenance.

L90 -2.5 MW Direct Drive Wind Turbine

The L90 wind turbine features a hollow main shaft to provide direct access to the hub. This feature makes the design of the hub lighter but strong enough to withstand high velocity wind loads. Also the hallow design allows the completion of maintenance services from the interior side of the wind turbine. The generator utilized in this model is completely sealed and incorporates a passive type of cooling system to resist severe weather conditions.

The hub height of this wind turbine from Lagerwey Wind BV is 105 m. The 2500 kW wind turbine incorporates a three-bladed upwind rotor with 90 m diameter and offer a swept area of 630 m². The blades measuring 43.5 m are made of fiberglass epoxy material with lightening protection. The wind turbine is installed over a 105 m tall tubular steel tower. This wind turbine incorporates a Lagerwey multi pole synchronous permanent magnet water cooled generator. The cut-in wind speed of this turbine is 2.8 m/s, its cut-out wind speed is in the range 20–23 m/s, and the nominal wind speed is 13 m/s. For safety and emergency stopping this wind turbine utilizes three independent pitch systems.


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