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S64-1.25 MW Wind Turbine from Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy offers the S64-1.25 MW model wind turbine. This wind turbine suitable for medium wind regions features a pitch regulated blade operation and a three-stage gearbox.

The S64-1.25 MW wind turbine incorporates an upwind type three bladed horizontal rotor measuring 64 m in diameter. The rotational speed of the rotor is 13.5–20.3 rpm. The AE31 type of blade utilized in this rotor is made of epoxy bonded fiber glass and is fully integrated with the rotor. The full-span blade pitching system utilized in this wind turbine model allows fast and safe stopping of the rotor. The rotor offers a swept area of 3217 m².

S64-1.25 MW Wind Turbine

The gear box utilized in the S64-1.25 MW model wind turbine provided by Suzlon Energy has single planetary stage and two helical stages and a rated power of 1.25 MW. This gear box is designed for a nominal load of 1390 kW and utilizes forced air cooling lubrication system. The S64-1.25 MW model incorporates an asynchronous type dual speed induction generator offering a rated power of 250/1250 kW at 1007/1509 rpm. The phase-to-phase rated voltage of this generator is 690 VAC and the frequency is 50 Hz. The generator utilizes class H type of insulation, and an IP56 type of enclosure. This generator incorporates air cooled system for cooling.

This wind turbine incorporates a hot dip galvanized lattice tower or corrosion protected painted tubular tower and offered in 54, 63 and 72 m heights. The hub height measures 56.5, 65, and 74.5 m. For safety this wind turbine model incorporates an aerodynamic brake and a mechanical brake. The yaw system incorporated in this wind turbine utilizes an active electrical yaw motor equipped with a polyamide slide bearing with a gear ring and an automatic greasing system. The yaw system is protected by a cable twist sensor and a proximity sensor. The wind turbine incorporates Suzlon control system.


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