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Extreme Wind Windspire Turbine from Windspire Energy

Windspire Energy offers the Extreme Wind Windspire turbine. This 1.2 kW vertical axis wind turbine is esthetically designed and operates noiselessly. This grid-connected wind turbine can be effectively used in places that experience high velocity winds.

Extreme Wind Windspire Turbine

This wind turbine is designed to operate in wind speeds in the range of 7–34 mph. When the wind speed exceeds 37 mph the redundant electronic braking system incorporated in the model automatically applies brakes to cease rotor operations for safety. This braking system also stops the wind turbine during grid voltage or frequency level changes.

This 1200 W wind turbine is designed to produce an annual output of 2000 kWh. The cut-in wind speed of this turbine is 8.5 mph, its AEP average wind speed is 12.5 mph, and its rated power wind speed is 26.8 mph. This wind turbine can survive wind speeds up to 160 mph. The standard height of this wind turbine is 23 ft, and this height can be extended using pole extensions. The height of the rotor is 13.2 ft and its diameter measures 4.1 ft and offers a swept area of 52.7 sq. ft. The maximum speed of the rotor is 420 rpm³ and its tip speed ratio is 2:3. The rotor is manufactured using aircraft grade extruded aluminum.

The monopole and structure of this wind turbine is made of recycled high-grade steel and painted with two coats of anti-corrosive industrial grade paint. This wind turbine manufactured by Windspire Energy incorporates an efficient brushless permanent magnet 120 VAc 60 Hz inverter integrated to the grid. For the purpose of monitoring the performance of the wind turbine from remote a wireless Zigbee modem is integrated.

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