Ampair 300 Wind Turbine from Ampair

Ampair offers the Ampair 300 wind turbine. This wind turbine is available in 12, 24 and 48 V battery charging powers. This wind turbine is suitable for use in large-sized yachts, remote locations and holiday cabins.

The precise aerodynamic construction of the turbine blades increases the performance level, reduces noise and vibration and betters the power-to-weight ratio. The inflexible blade design incorporated in the turbine prevents vibration, resonance and flutter problems.

Ampair 300 Wind Turbine

The marine-grade sealing system used in the wind turbine protects internal components from condensation and rust formation. The patented PowerFurl hub runs using low frication polymer bearings that does not require lubrication and has long life. This hub features a simultaneous blade pitch control system to reduce the wind turbine speed during high velocity winds and maintenance. The wind turbine can be installed in almost all the places using its simple pole mounting feature. This simple wind turbine does not incorporate expensive features such as thermal cut-outs, intricate electronic systems and commutator brushes for working.

This Ampair 300 wind turbine from Ampair includes an external DC rectifier and incorporates a three-phase AC turbine output feature to reduce the voltage drop and to use smaller-sized cables. This wind turbine offers 300 W power output at 12.5 m/s wind speed. The startup wind speed of this turbine is 3 m/s. This wind turbine incorporates three blades made of glass reinforced polypropylene. The diameter of the turbine is 1200 mm and this wind turbine weighs 10.5 kg.


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