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Ampair 600 Wind Turbine from Ampair

Ampair provides the Ampair 600 wind turbine. This wind turbine is available in grid-connected and off-grid type of models. The off-grid model incorporates a 24 V DC battery, a turbine and a regulator to store the produced power. The grid-connected system includes a turbine head and a G83 type of inverter.

The Ampair 600 is available in six type of mounting systems to meet the installation requirements of the user. This wind turbine model includes an anemometer, a wind vane and a data logger. The data logger can be used for automatic upload of energy and weather data to the Ampair website for sharing and future use.

Ampair 600 Wind Turbine

The Ampair 600 230 VAC offered by Ampair is a grid-connected model. This grid-connected model supplies 698 W power to the grid at 11.0 m/s wind speed and produces an annual energy of 1232 kWh at 5 m/s. The cut-in wind speed of this turbine is 3.0 m/s. This wind turbine offers a maximum power of 730 W, a maximum voltage of 230 V, a maximum current of 3.2 A, a power form of 230 V AC single-phase 50 Hz and a power input of  0.1 W sleep, <4 W standby.

The diameter of this Ampair 600 wind turbine is 1.70 m. The rotor of this wind turbine covers a sweep area of 2.27 m². For controlling the over speed this wind turbine utilizes blade pitch control and dump load. This wind turbine incorporates three blades of GRP construction and the body of this wind turbine is made of die cast aluminum and powder coated for protection.


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