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LPP Combustion’s New Technology Generates Green Power from Bio-ethanol

LPP Combustion, LLC, a pioneer in liquid fuel technology has designed a Lean, Pre-mixed, Prevaporized (LPP) combustion technology to generate clean, green power. The LPP combustion technology converts liquid fuels into LPP Gas, a substitute natural gas.

Using the technology, LPP Combustion generates green power on a 30kW Capstone C30 gas turbine. The LPP combustion system is considered as a skid-based technology and can be retrofitted to existing gas-fired equipment and gas turbines without making any changes to the combustion hardware. The LPP combustion system delivers improved heat rate, reduced maintenance, and fuel flexibility.

Under a net metering agreement, LPP Combustion  is delivering green power to the Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) grid. Caseus Energy LLC provided the bio-ethanol fuel required for this commercial demonstration. Dubay Biofuels-Greenwood LLC, a subsidiary of Caseus Energy LLC, is about to launch its first Greenwood, WI based commercial facility. Caseus Energy intends to implement LPP systems to generate clean, green power and steam in combined heat and power facilities, after process compatibility verification and testing.

The C30 gas turbine’s emissions and performance were characterised on natural gas to offer a baseline for comparing bio-ethanol generated LPP gas emissions. The C30 is on loan to LPP Combustion from a plastics manufacturer, Harbec Plastics, Ontario, NY. Harbec Plastics will convert its entire 25 C30 gas turbines by the LPP Combustion technology to make them operate on biofuels. The conversion is intended to eliminate the carbon footprint from Harbec Plastics’ plastics manufacturing.


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