AW 3000 Wind Turbine from ACCIONA Windpower

ACCIONA Windpower offers the AW 3000 wind turbine. This upwind type of wind turbine incorporates horizontal shafts and available in three models such as AW-100/3000, AW-109/3000 and AW-116/3000 with variations in rotor diameter and hub height.

The AW-116/3000 the biggest among the models has a rotor measuring 116 m in diameter and available in hub heights ranging from 100 to 120 m. The rotor offers a swept area of 10,568 m² with a nominal rotation speed of 12.3 rpm. The hub is made of modular cast iron and comprises a hydraulic pitch system to lock the blades during emergency situations.

AW 3000 Wind Turbine

Each of the three blades of this wind turbine is made of polyester reinforced fiberglass and covered with special surface protection paint. Each blade measures 56.7 m and weighs 12,280 kg and incorporates an individual pitch system to regulate the pitch angle for increased power production and to apply brake during emergency situations. The Nacelle of the AW 3000 wind turbine offered by ACCIONA Windpower is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester with a specious interior. The nacelle incorporates a double fed three phase asynchronous induction generator with a wound rotor and receives excitation through the rotating collector rings. This generator generates power at 12 kV voltage ranges thus avoiding the need for a transformer.

The yaw system installed in the AW 3000 wind turbine utilizes a gear ring connected to the tower and six geared motors incorporated in the nacelle. The control and power unit installed in the turbine continuously monitors and optimizes power production. The cut in wind speed of the wind turbine is 3 m/s, its nominal power production wind speed is 10.6 m/s, and its cut out wind speed is 20 m/s.


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