Victron Phoenix Off-Grid Inverters from Bright Green Energy

Bright Green Energy offers Victron Phoenix Off-grid inverters. These pure sine wave inverters are offered in 12 V, 24 V and 48 V ratings. These inverters are available in different wattage ranges and can be used for a variety of applications.

The Phoenix 24V-3000 W inverter is compact in size and light weight. This inverter employs a hybrid HF technology to extend continuous and trouble free power supply to any type and level of load.

Phoenix 24V-3000W inverter

The distinctive SinusMax technology utilized in the inverter feeds a very high start power suitable for starting heavy load instruments such as refrigerators, compressors, and electric motors. For meeting the increased level of power requirement up to six units of Phoenix 24V-3000W can be coupled in parallel to achieve 15 kW/18 kVA output power. Using of VE Bus enabled units with such coupled connectivity builds better three-phase configuration and performance. The height x width x depth dimensions of the 24V-3000 W Victron Phoenix Off-grid inverters offered by Bright Green Energy is 362 mm x 258 mm x 218 mm and weighs 18 kg. This inverter utilizes M8 studs type of battery connectivity and use IP21 protection feature. The input voltage range of this inverter is 19.5–33.0 VDC, its continuous output power at 25ºC is 3000 V, its peak power output is 6000 W and its maximum efficiency is 94%.

The RS-485 interface incorporated in the 24 V-3000 W Off-grid inverter can be used to customize the inverter parameters and other settings. The accessories available with this inverter include a battery alarm, inverter control, and a battery monitor.


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