MWT 95 Wind Turbine Generator from Mitsubishi Power Systems

Mitsubishi Power Systems offers the MWT 95 wind turbine generator. This wind turbine incorporates three blades and each blade measures 46.2 m in length. The rotor of this wind turbine measures 95 m in diameter and offer a swept area of 7088 m².

This rotor with a peak 150 RPM generates the maximum of 2.4 kW energy and the variable speed of this rotor ranges from 9.0 to 16.9 RPM. The cut in wind speed of the rotor is 3.0 m/s and it starts producing power at 12.5 m/s wind speed.

MWT 95 Wind Turbine Generator

The smart yaw technology incorporated in this wind turbine comes into action during extreme wind conditions to protect the rotor blades of the wind turbine. The aerodynamic brake installed in the MWT 95 wind turbine generator offered by Mitsubishi Power Systems is individual pitch brake type of control on each of the blades. The individual pitch control on the blades effectively stops the wind turbine when the wind speed crosses 25.0 m/s. The MWT 95 wind turbine constitutes a double fed asynchronous type of generator and an IGBT converter. This wind turbine achieves 690 V power at 50 / 60 Hz frequency with power factor ranging from 0.9 (inductive) to 0.95 (capacitive) powers. This wind turbine is offered with a hub height measuring 80 m.

The gear box incorporated in this wind turbine generator has an improved design. The machined gears and wheels undergo through etching surface checks to find out material defects for improved performance.


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