Rutland Furlmatic 1803-2 Wind Charger from Marlec Engineering

Marlec Engineering offers the Rutland Furlmatic 1803-2 Wind charger. This wind charger with a 1.8 m diameter turbine rotor is suitable for use in remote locations. The sturdy wind turbine withstands rough weather conditions including scorching heat of the desert.

The FM1803-2 Furlmatic wind charger can be used in stand alone conditions or in combination with solar panel power generation or with a diesel power generating unit. The generated wind power can be directly connected to 12 V or 24 V power systems or utilities or the harvested power can be stored in batteries to achieve 230 V grid type of power supply to use household appliances.

Rutland Furlmatic 1803-2 Wind Charger

In places where grid power is available utilizing of this wind charger helps in economical use of grid power and also helps in continuous use of the household appliances in case of grid failure. This wind turbine starts producing power at 10 m/s wind speed and with the increase in wind speed the power production may go up from 250 to 340 W. This three-bladed wind turbine incorporates a smoother design for increased power production. The aerofoil blade design utilized in this wind turbine is modified and improved for increased power production.

The Rutland Furlmatic 1803-2 wind charger offered by Marlec Engineering is suitable for use in off-grid homes, agricultural farm buildings, remote telemetry data stations and telecom installations, radio and transmitting stations, military field applications, poultry sheds and more. This wind turbine is manufactured under ISO9001-certified manufacturing conditions.


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