Rutland Furlmatic 1803 Windcharger from ABS Alaskan

ABS Alaskan offers the Rutland Furlmatic 1803 Windcharger manufactured by Marlec. This windcharger is suitable for off-grid applications in places that are not connected by grid. This model can be utilized exclusively for power production or can be used in combination with solar panels and diesel power generators.

The FM1803-2 Furlmatic Windcharger incorporates a flywheel type of generator that allows the turbine to rotate and produce power even at low level 3 m/s wind speed thus producing more power.

Rutland Furlmatic 1803 Windcharger

The windings and magnets utilized in the alternator of generator are completely encapsulated in glass fibre to protect from rough weather conditions. The automatic furling tail system incorporated in this model routinely slows down the speed of turbine when the wind speed crosses 15 m/s by moving the turbine to an angle away from the direct wind line. This furling activity slows down the turbine speed but continue to allow power production. This windcharger integrates a 1.8 m diameter turbine with three glass reinforced aerofoil blades. The blades utilized in the turbine are injection molded for sturdiness, light in weight and durable.

The Furlmatic Windcharger from ABS Alaskan comprises a built in slip ring and low-wear type of brushes. The mounting design allows the blades to rotate freely on the mounting pole without cable twisting problem. The brushless alternator incorporated in the windcharger needs no routine maintenance. This windcharger generates 36 W at 5 m/s wind speed and 414 W at 11 m/s wind speed and offers a maximum of 750 W. The design of the windcharger fully complies with EEC Directive BS EN 89/336/EEC.


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