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SL3000 Series Wind Turbine from Sinovel Wind Group

Sinovel Wind Group offers the SL3000 series wind turbine. The 3000 series wind turbine is available in SL3000/90, SL3000/100, SL3000/105, and SL3000/113 models.

The SL3000 series wind turbine incorporates built in power generating technologies such as variable speed control, pitch regulated system and double fed inductive generator for changeless power frequency. The wind turbines are available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequencies and in offshore and onshore models. The drive train of the SL3000 series is compact in nature, weighs less and withstands large amount of load. The power generating system incorporated in this module is redundant in nature to ensure high efficiency and reliable power production. The water cooling system utilized in the wind turbine occupies less space and provides better cooling for both the generator and the converter.

SL3000 Series Wind Turbine

The individually controlled pitch system incorporated in the SL3000 series wind turbine is powered by servo motors for precise positioning, quicker response and least maintenance. The super capacitor back up power supply available for the turbine extends the working life, offers low level temperature performance and requires no maintenance. The gear box incorporated in the wind turbine utilizes an oil cooling system with electrical and mechanical pump for continuous lubrication to increase the life of the gear box. The 3000 series wind turbine incorporates a grid favorable LVRT technology for smoother working. The operation status of the gearbox, main bearing and generator can be monitored utilizing an online monitoring feature for pre diagnosis and easy maintenance. Special anticorrosive paint and treatment extended to the offshore wind turbines protects the turbines from corrosion.

The SL3000/113 model is the biggest in the SL3000 series wind turbines offered by Sinovel Wind Group. The SL3000/113 model incorporates a rotor with 113 m diameter and three blades and offers a swept area of 10,039 m². This model starts rotating the blades at 3 m/s wind speed and produces the optimum power at a wind speed of 11.5 m/s, stops its power production when the wind speed reaches 25 m/s and survives wind speeds up to 52.5 m/s. The SL3000/113 model is available with a steel tubular tower in 90, 100 and 110 m heights.

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