Acciona AW-1500 Wind Turbine from Acciona Windpower

Acciona Windpower offers the AW-1500 wind turbine. This variable speed 1500 kW wind turbine has a horizontal shaft and three blades. This wind turbine offers 12 kV voltages in 50 or 60 Hz frequencies.

For efficient operation in different types of wind conditions the AW-1500 wind turbine is offered with a rotor in 70, 77 and 82 m diameter sizes and blades in 34, 37.3 and 40 m lengths. The wide hub of this wind turbine is made of modular cast iron and houses a hydraulic pitch system to lock the blades during emergencies. The hub can be entered from nacelle for maintenance.

Acciona AW-1500 Wind Turbine

Blades of this wind turbine are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester or epoxy resin, covered with a special surface protection and are equipped with individual pitch system for blade regulation and control. The Nacelle of this wind turbine is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester. The nacelle houses a crane, a three phase asynchronous induction generator with wound rotor and startup by collector rings, a yaw system utilizing a gear ring integrated into the tower and four geared motors and an active hydraulic braking. This wind turbine is available in 60, 71.5 and 80 m heights with hubs made of tubular steel towers and in 80 and 100 m heights with hubs made of concrete towers. The control and power unit of this wind turbine incorporates an INGECON-W system for continuous optimization of power production in a wide range of wind speeds.

The AW-82/1500 model wind turbine offered by Acciona Windpower has a rotor of 82 m diameter and blades with 40 m in length to offer a swept area of 5,289 m². Each blade of the rotor weighs 5.780 kg. This wind turbine starts rotating at 3.0 wind speed and produces a nominal power of 1500 kW at 10.5 m/s speed with 16.7 rpm. For the purpose of protecting the blades from damage this wind turbine ceases its operations when the wind speed exceeds 20 m/s.


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