Eviag AG ev100 Wind Turbine from Eviag AG

Eviag AG offers the ev100 wind turbine. This wind turbine incorporates a 100 m diameter rotor with three blades. The rotor rotates in the speed ranges of 9.4–16.5 rpm and offers a swept area of 7.854 m².

The double fed asynchronous type of generator installed in the wind turbine offers a nominal power output of 690 V 3~ in 50–60 Hz frequency range. This wind turbine incorporates an Indirect DC link type of inverter with a grid side frequency of 50–60 Hz. The Yaw system incorporated in the ev100 wind turbine offered by Eviag AG includes a three phase asynchronous motor with short circuit rotor, four drives, a four step planetary gear box, a hydraulic disc brake with organic type of lining material and four number of brake calipers.

Eviag AG ev100 Wind Turbine

For efficient running of the wind turbine operations this turbine incorporates a rigid moment bearing and three row roller bearing, and a gear box with a two stage planetary gear and a single stage spur gear. For efficient stopping of the wind turbine during emergency and adverse weather conditions this wind turbine incorporates an electric, triple redundant fail safe pitch brake system with a Lithium-Ion battery backup power supply. For increased safety an additional hydraulic active disc brake is included as mechanical brake. This wind turbine produces a nominal power of 2500 kW. The ev100 wind turbine offered by Eviag AG starts rotating at a nominal wind speed of 3.5 m/s, and stops its rotating operations when the wind speed reaches 25 m/s. This wind turbine can survive wind speeds up to 52.5 m/s.

This wind turbine is offered with tubular and lattice tower options. The tubular tower is offered in 85 and 100 m heights and the lattice tower is available in 117, 141 and 160 m heights.

Source: http://www.eviag.com/

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