Rooftop Solar Development Partners with Atlantic Wind and Solar on Rooftop Solar Energy Programme

An agreement has been signed by Atlantic Wind and Solar, a renewable energy company, with Rooftop Solar Developments, a company based in Canada, for expanding the rooftop solar energy programme of Rooftop Solar Developments.

The agreement involves securing rural rooftops located in northern and central Ontario for the utility-scale solar power projects of Rooftop Solar Developments. Rooftop Solar Developments provides farmers and other agriculture-associated landowners the opportunity for having their barns and other utility-related, feed-in-tariff (FIT) eligible buildings installed with the solar energy systems of Atlantic Wind and Solar, at free of cost.

As per the terms of the agreement, the electrical energy produced from the rooftop solar power parks is likely to be sold directly into the grid as per the FIT programme of Ontario. Atlantic Wind and Solar will manage and own the FIT contract and project. In addition, Atlantic Wind and Solar will be in charge of receiving and distributing all the revenue that gets generated.


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