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Reportlinker Introduces ‘Global Biofuel Market Analysis’ Report

Reportlinker has introduced its latest ‘Global Biofuel Market Analysis’ market research report.

Over the last few years, the worldwide biofuel sector has been growing continuously, even as there has been a drop in fossil fuels. Therefore, many nations have begun to turn to biofuels. Already, many nations are offering support to the biofuel sector by providing tax incentives and subsidies. Certain governments have implemented compulsory biofuel mix with traditional fuel.

The ‘Global Biofuel Market Analysis’ report indicates that the worldwide production of biodiesel and ethanol is likely to grow at 8-15.5% CAGR during 2010 to 2013. The main countries that drive the growth of the worldwide ethanol industry include Canada, Brazil and the U.S. This region alone constitutes about 90% of the overall worldwide ethanol production.

The report offers in-depth rational analysis and research of the worldwide biofuel sector. Statistics and analysis pertaining to the growth, technological trends, regional segmentation and market size are also provided in this report.

Topics covered: Global Biofuel Industry - An Analysis; Kyoto Protocol and Biofuel Development; Biofuel Feedstock and Consequences; Market Performance; Cost Analysis of Biofuel; and Biodiesel Production.

Figures covered in this report include Percentage Change in GHG Emissions by Various Fuels; Global - Oil Consumption (Million Barrel/Day), 2005-2010; Global - Forecast for Ethanol Production (Billion Gallon), 2010-2013; US - Existing Number of Ethanol Plants and their Production Capacities (Million Gallon/Year), 2005-2010; and US - Forecast for Ethanol Production (Billion Gallon), 2010-2013.

Tables covered: Cellulosic Ethanol Feedstock - Advantages and Disadvantages; Thailand - Ethanol Production Capacity of Major Plant (Liter/Day), Jan 2010; Brazil - Top Ten Companies by Biodiesel Production Capacity (Million Liter/Year), 2008; US - Top Companies by Biodiesel Production Capacity (Gallon/Year); and Global - Biofuel Cost Analysis (US$).


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