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BG100 Biomass Generator from Talbotts Biomass Energy Systems

Talbotts Biomass Energy Systems offers the BG100 biomass generator. This generator produces 100 kW of electric power and 200 kW of heat energy by utilizing biomass fuels such as wood pellets, wood chips, elephant grass, coppiced willow and others and saves nearly 600 cubic tons of CO2 per unit every year. This unit utilizes the natural power by neutralizing the carbon.

The BG100 biomass generator feeds the fuel automatically and operates continuously with minimum level of down time for servicing. This unit generates enough electricity required for running a small farm and meeting the hot water requirements. Extra unused energy of the unit can be diverted to the grid for a cost.

BG100 Biomass Generator

The size of the BG100 biomass generator makes it ideal for use in large farms, estates and wood working factories where there is no dearth of fuel. The technology incorporated in the generator benefits the crop farmers and brings them additional revenue. The modular construction of this module makes it convenient to transport and install any required location. The BG 100 biomass generator offered by Talbotts Biomass Energy Systems incorporates easy to use controls and the installed computer controlled combustion checks for feeding right quantity of fuel for the required energy output. The operations of the system can be monitored from remote. This module incorporates a triple pass, ceramic lined high level combustion for burning higher level moisture content fuels and meeting the required environmental standards.

The step grate system with auto ash removal arrangement incorporated in the module ensures even burn of fuel all through the combustion period. This BG 100 biomass generator comes with flexible fuel storing options. The indirectly fired micro turbine utilized in this generator is an integral part of the generator. The high speed direct drive engine connected to power electronics offers increased level of engine efficiency and does not use a reduction gear box and prevents the energy loss related to its usage.

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