International Battery is Chosen to Provide Large-Format Lithium-Ion Batteries

International Battery, a U.S. company engaged in the production and development of large-format lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, has declared that it has been selected by Princeton Power Systems, as provider of energy storage systems for its sophisticated renewable energy system that merges large scale solar generation with that of lithium-ion battery storage and smart controls.

International Battery will be installing this $1.5M worth solar generation system at the corporate head quarters of Princeton Power Systems and link it and control them  with the power grid of Public Service Enterprise Group’s (PSE&G)s’ Grid-tied Inverter (GTIB) product. The planned installation is expected to establish, advanced smart grid practicality together with demand response, micro-grid operation, time shifting, power dispatch and frequency regulation. The inverter and energy storage system will be incorporated into a portable shipping container, with a facility to expand and include up to 1 MWh storage facility. Currently the system is undergoing system integration and testing processes and is expected to be fully functional during the last quarter of this year.

Some of the key advantages offered by the International Battery’s energy storage system include its unique battery management system, large sized batteries, bigger sized prismatic cells that offer 10 times more energy than normal type of prismatic cells and up to 70 times more energy, than other cylindrical type of cells. The battery management system continuously scrutinizes the temperature and voltage of each individual cell, and offers regular dynamic balancing of the system to keep the cells within a small voltage range.


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