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New Technology Takes the Mystery Out of Battery Health

Argus Analyzers today introduced the Battery Bug(R) Deep Cycle Monitor (DCM), the only battery monitor that communicates both battery charge level and percent remaining battery life. Designed for 12-volt deep cycle batteries in boats, R/Vs, commercial trucks, emergency and off-road vehicles, the DCM series extends battery life and improves reliability by providing the user with accurate charge level and battery life information.

"There has always been a tremendous market need for a highly accurate state of charge and state of life meter for deep cycle batteries, but the technology has never existed to deliver reliable answers at a reasonable price," said Andrew Kallfelz, CEO of Argus Analyzers. "The DCM series provides twice the information and much higher accuracy at a fraction of the cost of existing technology."

The Battery Bug DCM uses Large Pulse Resistance(TM) (LPR) technology, a newly patented technology that monitors the battery's internal resistance, which is widely accepted as a more accurate indicator of battery health compared to simple voltage readings. LPR technology is also the first technology to accurately track battery charge level while the battery is in use. In contrast, most other methods require the battery to be disconnected, or offer only rough estimates of remaining battery charge.

The Battery Bug measures the battery's internal resistance every 60 seconds and displays real-time charge level -- independent of battery voltage or current draw on the battery. The DCM also tracks the battery's deterioration over time and alerts the user when the battery needs to be replaced. As a result, the battery's lifespan is no longer uncertain -- users are able to use the battery to the end of its service life without risk of failure.

The Battery Bug measures two inches square, mounts directly on the battery, and is waterproof to IP-X5 standards. Once connected to a fully charged battery, the DCM self-calibrates for the battery's size and displays the current capability of the battery.

Updated once a minute, the Battery Bug's LCD display shows volts, MHO (a measure of internal resistance), and the percent charge remaining, as well as remaining battery life and lost capacity due to age. In addition, the display features an easy-to-read "fuel gauge" that indicates present battery capacity and charge level, with icons for "recharge battery" and "replace battery." These indicators illuminate and audible alarms sound when the battery's state of charge drops to critical levels, over/undercharge conditions exist, or the battery is approaching end of life. A resettable memory allows the Battery Bug to be removed and re-installed on the same battery or a new battery.

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