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Compact Contractors of America Announces Dry Algae Aviation Fuel

Compact Contractors of America LLC, a Utah-based business engaged in formulating moisture less algae aviation fuel, has declared selling samples of pulverized algae-based jet fuel to the research laboratory of U.S. Air Force According to Robert Fulton, Founder and Chief Technologist of CCA, said that the laboratory will perform tests to assess the variability of its use in aviation rockets as solid propellant.

As explained by Fulton, the methodology deployed by CCA necessitates drying of bio-based raw material at a precise temperature and time by utilizing commercially used spray dryers. During such a process the oil from the biostock is drawn over the exterior of the cells while the moisture from the raw material is removed and the powdery end product produced facilitates instant ignition. The end product does not solidify into gel or become powdery caramel thus making it ideal for use as jet fuel. Fulton further noted that while his company currently concentrates in the use of algae as primary raw material he did not rule out the possibility of utilizing other raw materials such as camelina in the near future. He clarified that feedstock are graded for the production of bio-fuel on the basis of their oil content. He added that while high graded fuel is used for aviation the lower level fuels can be used in turbines to generate electric power.

On explaining the production process followed in CCA, Fulton said that his company utilizes freshly harvested algae with low density of solids which undergo the process of spraying and recovering waste air for the purpose of drawing the moisture out of it. He added that the produced fuel can be easily transported, stored and used in low level temperatures and higher altitudes.


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