LSX Module System from Lumos Solar Eases Solar Installation Procedures

Lumos Solar has brought in a radical change into the solar industry with its novel LSX Module System. The system offers a modern outlook to the solar system utilizing frameless solar modules, listed racking and plug and play type of wiring feature. The Modular Systems provide perfect replacement for the existing solar panels and offers increased energy production when used in residential, commercial or utility type of applications.

The conventional solar systems incorporate modules framed with aluminum from a producer, and its mounting clamps, racking systems from other manufacturers and utilize a time consuming complicated installation methods. Dissimilar to such procedures the new LSX Module System is an all in one efficient product that incorporates a not easily noticeable type of frameless module, easy to plug and use type of connections and listed mounting racks for quicker and precise connectivity of modules. The LSX modules offered in three distinct colors  offer color choice to smart clean energy product buyers and utility companies. The frameless modules reduce the levels of embodied energy, the modular type of wiring and racking lessens the time taken for installation and use of other materials. The high value LSX modules leave the least carbon footprint when compared to other silicon solar modules with various racking and wiring mix.

According to Chris Klinga, the designer of Lumos Solar Product, the LSX cuts down the expenses involved in installation, and it reduces labor costs while offering the best aesthetic looks and meets the requirements of both the installer and the ultimate user.


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