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Immediate Success for RockTron Asia

RockTron International, the award-winning, pioneering green technology company, enjoyed remarkable success at the launch of RockTron Asia in Kuala Lumpur this October. So successful was it that 24 hours later, RockTron Asia signed an MOU with TNB, Malaysia’s main energy provider! RockTron also commenced discussions with major companies from across Asia regarding the company’s exciting new licensing proposition.

RockTron has just spectacularly launched RockTron Asia at IGEM 2010 (International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur, 14-17 October. The impressive launch heralded extensive pan-Asian and local interest in RockTron’s green technology and licensing solutions for fly ash beneficiation. VIPs, including the King of Malaysia, Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, the ruler of Negeri Sembilan, Yamtuan Besar Tuanku Muhriz, and many government Ministers visited the amazing RockTron Eco-Dome to learn about this major breakthrough that transforms an under-utilised waste stream into valuable eco-minerals on an industrial scale. Within 24 hours of its launch, RockTron Asia signed an MOU with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia’s main energy provider, to beneficiate fly ash at Malaysia’s first RockTron plant. RockTron’s 100% recycled eco-minerals can be used as fillers and extenders in polymer, rubber and coatings manufacturing and as cementitious substitutes, dramatically cutting costs and CO2 emissions.

RockTron Asia’s Chairman, Dato’ Yazid Baba, said: “In the words of Albert Einstein: If we are to solve the problems that confront us, our thinking must evolve beyond the level we were using when we created those problems in the first place. This is a most important first step on a vital journey – not just for TNB and RockTron, nor indeed for Malaysia – but for the whole of Asia. We need to change the way we live. Recycling is well known but is only part of the solution – we must find new ways to reuse and transform the waste we create. We estimate there is over 6 billion tonnes of stockpiled fly ash in the world – half of this in Asia. This waste is made up of valuable minerals we have been literally throwing away for decades. Now, thanks to this agreement with our most insightful partner TNB, we can start to reclaim, recycle and re-use these minerals, conserving our natural resources for generations to come.”

As this important announcement hit the Asian media and Malaysian TV, the RockTron Board found themselves the focus of commercial and technical attention from major energy, cement, manufacturing and polymer corporations from across Asia, including Korea, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Japan and Sri Lanka. Such was the importance placed on RockTron’s breakthrough fly ash recycling technology that the entire RockTron team chose to remain in Kuala Lumpur for an additional week to conduct important high-level meetings for further RockTron licenses throughout Asia. RockTron’s exciting new licensing proposition for its technology was developed to meet the worldwide interest that followed the award of the prestigious Nicklin Medal to RockTron, by the Institution of Chemical Engineers in the UK.

Malaysia aims to be the first country in Asia to licence and utilise RockTron’s new technology, which can recycle 100% of both fresh AND stockpiled coal-fired power station waste (fly ash) on an industrial scale, without producing any waste stream. Over 2 billion tonnes of fly ash are dumped in landfill sites around the world, representing a significant ecological problem; and over 2 million tonnes of fly ash are produced annually in Malaysia. In addition, it is estimated that 2.5 million tonnes are already stored in ash ponds and this amount is predicted to grow rapidly as energy demand expands to support this fast growing economy. A further 2 million tonnes of fly ash are also produced in Indonesia each year and ash production is predicted to double by 2013. RockTron’s technology provides a vital solution to this issue as it recycles the fly ash into valuable eco-minerals, representing a fundamental advantage over previous technologies. A typical RockTron plant can process 200-800,000 tonnes of fly ash per annum, thereby removing the need for expansion of ash pond storage and long term ash management. As well as site remediation, RockTron has the potential to reduce global man-made CO2 emissions by up to 2% with its 100% recycled eco-minerals, a benefit which can be passed on to the manufacturer. RockTron’s proven technology is already at work with its first, full-scale plant under license in the UK.

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