Alstom Hydro China Opens First Phase of Hydro Turbine and Generator Production Facility

Alstom Hydro China, owned by Alstom, a leading power generation company, has announced the completion of the first phase of its hydro turbine generator factory in Tianjin, China. The phase one of the project witnessed the construction of five buildings and under phase two 15 more buildings will be completed.

The new factory can manufacture 30 turbine and generator blocks per year with a power yielding capability ranging from 20 MW to 1,000 MW per block. The total investment of the factory is estimated to be around RM0.49 billion. The factory is designed to receive adequate natural light and has installed over 2,000 solar panels to generate power. The 500,000 kWh of clean energy produced from the panels will be utilized to electrify the factory lightings and contribute to a portion of electricity requirements of its ground sourcing heat pumps.

Philippe Joubert, President of Alstom, explained that the factory is fitted with energy saving features and environmentally-friendly designs to reduce its carbon foot print. He added that the new construction unit is equipped to produce and provide up to 1,000 MW power hydro turbine and generator units. Wan Duan Yang, Deputy General Manager, Alstom Hydro China (AHC), commented that the new workshop is designed to provide 20% increased production than that of the old unit and incorporates energy conserving features, such as increased ventilation, adequate lighting, and insulation to preserve heating within the building. He added that the new construction reduces carbon dioxide emissions to the level of 5,000 tons per annum, which can be equated to planting of new, broad leafed trees over 15 hectares of land.


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