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Scientists Find Baking Soda Effective in Increasing Oil Production from Algae

A new research by the scientists of Montana State University has proved that baking soda can enhance the production of oil from algae. The researchers found that when baking soda is added at the right time of the growth cycle, the algae will generate twice the amount of oil in just half the time.

With baking soda, a green algae type and two brown algae varieties show better response than other types. When sodium bicarbonate is added, it gives additional carbon dioxide to algae and accelerates its metabolism. Baking soda is inefficient when included either too early or too late.

As the process provides double to triple the times of oil, the possibility of algae ponds getting contaminated is less. Accordingly, the chance of the  oil becoming polluted is also decreased. As the baking soda process is currently suitable for three distinctly related algae varieties, it may be suitable for other types of algae in the future.


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