SunValley Solar Makes Inroads with Green Farm Solar Investment Plan

Sunvalley Solar declared that it has made considerable progress in its Green Farm Solar Investment Plan in cities such as Hotville, Coachella, Imperial and Thermal in California.

The investment plan utilizes the incentives provided by the Federal Government, the solar rebate program of the Imperial Irrigation District that supplies water and power to the local city communities and Sunvally’s client financing program.

Nearly 300 agricultural entities within the four cities and other places are found to be fit for installing and utilizing the thin-film panel solar modules provided by Sunvalley Solar. The Green Farm Solar Investment Plan allows the farming clients to opt for solar installations without the need for any capital investment. The agriculturalists will be able to payback the investment made on such installations within a period of five years by making payments that will be lower than their current utility payments. A number of agricultural businesses located in the area who received the Sunvalley proposal have signed the required letter of interest and requested for evaluation of their fields for solar installation.

James Zhang, Sunvalley Solar’s CEO, said that the Green Farm Solar Investment Plan makes encouraging progress among the farmers and a number of new clients have signed for long term contracts. He added that by utilizing the new incentive plans, his company will be in a position to provide a robust product package to the clients to acquire more number of clients in the year 2011.


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