ITT Supplies RainPerfect Solar Pumps to Use Rain Water

The over flowing landfills, dwindling water supplies and global warming has driven people from all over the world to start utilizing eco-friendly products and services. ITT, a White Plains, New York-based company has come out with a solar powered rain water pump to utilize the rainwater usefully.

The company has recently launched its patented RainPerfect solar powered pump system to water the garden by utilizing the harvested rainwater. The solar powered pump incorporates a solar panel and a rechargeable NiMH type of battery. The battery receives the power generated from the solar panel to get charged for use. The pump can be installed with almost all types of rain barrels and pumps around 100 gallons of water by utilizing the power stored in the battery by a single charge. The pump supplies enough amount of pressure to run most of the low pressure sprinklers for watering the garden or wash a car or any type of external water use. The pump can be installed anywhere with ease. The solar powered pump saves around 30% of the water utilized for watering the lawn or garden.

The pump works with solar energy and does not require any type of electrical installations to connect and make the pump running. The pump works without needing the power supply from the grid and utilizes rainwater for gardening thus offering two front ecological benefits.


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