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OK Myanmar Plans Solar Power Installation in Myanmar

OK Myanmar, a Myanmar-based company, has announced the devising of a solar plan to meet the power requirement of microwave communication towers, pumping stations at river water locations and street lamps.

The project is initially aimed at providing electric power to remotely located microwave communication towers for their effective functioning. The company has declared its intentions to utilize the solar equipment supplied by Sanyo Photovoltaic Equipment, a Japanese manufacturing company, and the services of Japanese engineers in installing the proposed projects. The solar projects are anticipated to deliver 10 to 20 MW of solar power every year with 20 years of working guarantee. The company is yet to fix up the cost for the services.

OK Myanmar is currently engaged in providing electrical equipment to the projects run by the government. The company has plans to showcase Sanyo solar products in the ‘547 Trade Fair’ to be held from 10th to 14th of next month.


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