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Direct FuelCell Power Plant Operational by End of 2011

FuelCell Energy’s 300 kilowatt DFC300 has been sold and is ready for its installation in Central London’s Regent Street at a re-developmental project titled Quadrant 3.

The Crown Estate is developing an area spread over 250,000 sq.ft. for residential, office as well as retail use. While it will incorporate sustainable energy such as fuel cell power and use modern day technology, the project will retain the location’s historical character.


Alastair Smart, The Crown Estate’s head of development, stated that the environmentally friendly and reliable power generation of DFC300 made it ideal for use in the Quadrant 3 redevelopment project. Installed within the building, the fuel cell’s lack of harmful emissions and silent operation makes it perfect for urban applications.

The Direct FuelCell (DFC) plant generates heat and particulate-free, clean electricity through an electrochemical reaction, which coverts fuel quietly, without combustion. Up to 90% efficiency can be achieved when the heat is used in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration. It ensures greater fuel efficiency by using the heat for temperature control in the facility, thereby saving money for the client.

By the end of 2011, the plant will be fully operational. Logan Energy, installer and project designer estimates the efficiency of the installation at 82%.


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