Patented Flexible Solar Panels that Disappear into Product Design

SUPERB Industries Inc. has introduced a solar power technology that can be disguised as a corporate logo, brand ID or high-tech decal. It is ideal for situations where running wiring is cost-prohibitive and in applications where conventional power sources are not available.

Branded Sol-A-Ray, these ultra-thin panels can provide an energy source for temporary or emergency lighting, locking and unlocking storage compartments or powering GPS units, cell phones and countless other wireless devices. The solar power cell and accompanying console are configured for the specific energy requirements of each application.

Sol-A-Ray incorporates a flexible, solar panel decal ( can be applied to any smooth surface, whether flat or contoured. The solar panel is encapsulated in a rugged, non-marring, urethane with a scratch resistant, self-healing surface to provide reliable performance even under extreme weather conditions.

Highly efficient, Sol-A-Ray is adept at capturing the sun's energy at both off-angles and in low sunlight conditions. This reduces the amount of full-sun exposure needed to fully re-charge the energy source.


Sol-A-Ray enables product designers to introduce solar power technology into virtually any product without compromising on design or consumer appeal.

It provides a reliable power source for many applications. These applications include outdoor sporting equipment, recreational vehicles, marine, aerospace and any application where wiring would create costly challenges for original equipment manufacturers or aftermarket installers.

Sol-A-Ray is also available to individual consumers looking for an efficient power source for hobby or sports applications.

SUPERB Industries has worked with A.R.E., a major manufacturer of truck caps and tonneau covers, to eliminate the challenge of running wires when installing a keyless locking system. The A.R.E. Sol-A-Ray system consists of three components: a low profile, solar power cell (less than .078 inch thick), a stylish, molded console and an ergonomic key fob. The solar power cell is a self-adhesive decal backed with an automotive grade adhesive. The console houses an LED lighting system that fully illuminates the truck bed when the tonneau cover is raised. The console also serves as an enclosure for the wireless electronics and battery pack.

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