Reducing Environmental Impact Through Sustainable Cleaning

Corporate Express US Inc. has expanded its environmentally preferred Sustainable Earth(R) cleaning line, adding a broad-use disinfectant and sanitizer: Sustainable Earth 66 Disinfectant. The Sustainable Earth line, available exclusively from Corporate Express, gives schools, daycares, medical facilities, foodservice organizations, offices and other facilities a total solution of environmentally preferable products that are manufactured with less harsh ingredients, helping keep toxic chemicals out of the air, water, food and soil.

Corporate Express US Inc., part of the Dutch-based Corporate Express NV (NYSE: CXP), is a leading business-to-business supplier in the US of office and computer supplies, office furniture, facility supplies, document and print management, imaging and computer graphic supplies, promotional products and other similar products.

"What sets Sustainable Earth apart from other green product lines is its high-performance and lower total cost-in-use," said Roger McFadden, chief Science Officer for Corporate Express US. "Our Sustainable Earth products work exceptionally well and include many highly concentrated options that provide value while having a reduced impact on human and environmental health."

Concentrated products, which are mixed on-site using precision dispensers for ease of use, can be diluted to make up to several hundred usable gallons of cleaner, depending on the product. The new Sustainable Earth 66 Disinfectant, available in a concentrated bulk gallon, can be diluted to make 186 gallons of ready-to-use disinfectant or 513 gallons of ready-to-use sanitizer.

The Sustainable Earth 66 Disinfectant is an Environmental Protection Agency registered sanitizer and is safe enough to be used on food contact surfaces without rinsing. The product can be used in a "spray and walk away manner," which means that it is sprayed and then simply left on a surface for sanitizing or disinfecting, as opposed to being re-wiped later. This makes the disinfectant product extremely convenient and helps greatly improve productivity, since employees can move on to other tasks rather than returning to re-wipe surfaces, which can be very time intensive.

Complementing Corporate Express' comprehensive Sustainable Earth line is a full suite of over 2,600 eco-friendly office products as well as facility and janitorial supplies with green choices in all categories, including: Sustainable Earth dilution control systems; Green Seal certified EcoGreen(TM) towel and tissue products; recycled content shipping supplies; compostable cafe and break room supplies; receptacles and can liners; mops; mats; and more.

Corporate Express' nationwide team of facility supplies representatives consults with customers to create custom solutions, helping with product selection, usage and training. The team has extensive training in sustainable cleaning practices as well as expertise in creating total facility solutions, and consults with customers in all industries from general building maintenance to foodservice, hospitals, schools and retail stores.

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