Independent Testing Demonstrates Advanced Efficiency and Power Output

Day4 Energy Inc., a leading manufacturer of high performance, cost-effective solar electric modules, today announced that international third party testing has confirmed Day4 Energy's 48MC solar panels consistently offer industry-leading efficiency and field performance under a variety weather conditions.

Monitoring at Germany's Albstadt-Sigmaringen University occurs in real-time and tracks power output, density, and module efficiency throughout the course of the day for monocrystalline, multicrystalline, and thin film solar panels. Repeated measurements among 12 test sites have demonstrated that, across different levels of irradiance and temperature, Day4 Energy's modules regularly produce the most power per given area.

"It is truly invaluable to see such robust results coming from Prof. Franz Josef Kuhn and his team, for they are veritable connoisseurs of the solar industry," said Jake Brown, vice president of marketing and business development of Day4 Energy. "As our customers across Europe and North America have found, and the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University has confirmed, our proprietary innovation, the Day4 Electrode, creates a superior product that in diverse environments, seasons and daylight provides significant return on investment as reliable clean electricity for decades to come."

"Solar energy represents an immense opportunity for our society and economy, so it is with great enthusiasm that we test, analyze and observe such a wide variety of PV products," said Professor Franz Josef Kuhn, project lead at Germany's Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. "The results for Day4 Energy are enviable -- quite frankly we have been impressed by the Day4 48MC panel's system performance and proven long-term reliability. Our testing has confirmed that the Day4 Electrode produces one of the best modules we have observed, offering high quality and precise manufacturing. What is truly important though is this product's field performance, demonstrating some of the strongest results among a great variety of products that we have tested."

The Day4 48 MC solar module is based on the company's proprietary Day4 Electrode technology, an innovative approach to module construction that directly replaces decades-old soldering methods. The result is a high-quality Day4 solar electric product with higher performance, improved aesthetics and lower cost.

The Albstadt-Sigmaringen University's Department of Industrial Engineering has monitored more than 400 photovoltaic (PV) installations since 1996 both independently and in conjunction with leading municipal utilities, and began collecting data on Day4 Energy's advanced solar modules in July of 2007. The results are available online at

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