California Passes Pioneering Auto-Emission Standards

Car Charging Group, a company offering charging services for electric vehicles, has welcomed new sweeping auto-emission standards passed by the California Air Resources Board.

According to the new rules, one in seven new vehicles to be sold in the state in 2025 must be an electric vehicle or a zero-emission vehicle. The new rules mandate a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases by 34% and a reduction in the emission of smog-forming pollutants by 75%. Over one million numbers of plug-in electric vehicles, including Ford Focus EV, Tesla Model S, Fisker Karma, GM Chevrolet Volta and Nissan LEAF, are anticipated to be run on the road by 2015 in the United States with forecasts of over 40 million electric vehicles on the road in 2030 globally.

Car Charging Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael D. Farkas appreciated the regulators of California for releasing such pioneering auto-emission standards. These new rules encourage people to buy eco-friendly electric vehicles. The company believes that now other states pursue the path of California as the whole country migrates to highly efficient and cleaner transportation.

Miami-based Car Charging Group is developing a countrywide electrical vehicle service to allow charging of all types of electric vehicles at anytime and everywhere across the North American region and eventually in most of the growth-oriented global markets.

Car Charging Group offers a complete turnkey solution to install and maintain the whole infrastructure for all property owners. The company has over 30 strategic collaborations with shopping malls, municipalities, commercial and multi-family residential properties and parking garages. The company’s partners gain profits by sharing revenues from the electric vehicle charging service, while improving green initiative in all points of their business activities.


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