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Primus Green Energy Produces High Octane Fuel

A pioneer in the development of renewable drop-in fuel technology, Primus Green Energy has produced the first sample of high-octane, renewable gasoline using its biomass conversion technologies and natural gas.

The company’s proven technologies convert woody biomass and herbaceous crops to transportation fuels such as jet fuel, diesel and gasoline. The gasoline produced from these technologies can be utilized in engines directly. The benefits of the high-octane renewable fuel are it eliminates changes in consumer behavior, and prevents expensive engine modifications and repairs of the fuel delivery infrastructure. The gasoline has a higher level of octane and lower benzene content compared to gasoline produced from fossil fuels.

Primus Green Energy’s advanced fuel synthesis technology is a combination of proven processes and technologies. The front end includes biomass gasification, while the back end includes STG Plus, also known as syngas-to-green, gasoline process. The technology has the industry’s highest cellulose-to-gasoline conversion efficiency and incurs less production and operational costs. Another advantage is feedstock flexibility, which is achieved by using natural gas as an alternative for biomass. The process has 25% conversion efficiency, which is twice that of competing ones. Primus Green Energy aims to reach a conversion efficiency of 33% which means the company can generate renewable fuel cost-effectively.

IC Green Energy, a renewable energy investment company, provided funds for the Primus Green Energy project.


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