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Symbiosis Gathering at Nevada to Enforce Green Environment

Symbiosis Gathering , a social event based on five Rs for environmental livelihood, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect and Restore, will be held from May 17 to 21, 2012 at the Pyramid Lake shore situated in Paiute Reservation, Nevada.

The participants and producers are highly committed to create a green gathering. The sound and light for the music festival will be produced using only wind, biofuels and sunlight and Solamor will provide the renewable energy for the event, which includes triple-hybrid mobile power stations having biofuel generators, solar panels and wind turbines.

A no-plastic, zero-waste policy will be followed, where the participants will bring in and take out the packed items and leave the place clean to make the place look even better than before. Trash cans will not be offered on the site, instead, cans for recycling and composting will be offered.

Waste Busters’ new program, Sud Busters and team will use reusable cookware items and wash them as well to promote the usage of reusable items and reduce the usage of disposable cookware items. Initiatives have been taken to provide organic and fresh food. The food vendors were chosen based on how they use recycled or reused materials , organic, local and artisan products usage and labor practices.

In addition, several courses including yoga, unified field theory, wellness, time banking, sacred geometry, permaculture, past-life regression, mycology, indigenous wisdom, folk medicine, circus acrobatics, , belly dancing, ancestral arts, entheogens, electric cars, astrology and on many more will be conducted during the daytime in the event days. The participants can participate according to their choice of interest.

Furthermore, workshops on electric car will be conducted by Chris Paine, a documentary director and Drew Dellinger, a poet, Starhawk, an author and activist, James Stark, a permaculturist, Mia Rose, a mycologist, Darina Joy and many others will conduct workshops as well.

Above all, arrangements are made to view the solar eclipse on March 20, 2012.



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