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Blue Moon Florist Shop in Pennsylvania Installs Solar Panels to Conserve Energy

Blue Moon Florist, one of the largest florists in the Chester County, Pennsylvania, has installed solar panels in three large rows at its backyard which also attracted customers to the shop. The shop is owned byAmi Trost and Kevin Morgan.

Every year, about 18,000 flower sets are prepared by employees of the flower shop and the flowers are stored in the coolers that are placed at the basement of the shop. Blue Moon Florist pay about $700 as electricity bill every month for the 5500 square-foot building, and about 54,631 KWh power is used per year.

The florist owners are happy that the electricity bill will be eliminated by the year end due to the power generated from the solar panels.

According to Morgan, the solar panels generated excess power than the electricity used during the last few months of mid winter. He noted the power surge through the monitoring system. He added that if everybody takes some initiatives to live a clean energy and green life, it will positively impact the environment.

These ground mounted solar panels were designed and installed by GP.Energy of Berwyn, Pa. GP.Energy is one of the largest EPC and entirely integrated solar developers, which provides innovative and cost effective alternative energy solutions to its customers. It serves Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Delaware.


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