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SCA’s National Survey Shows American Adults Give Importance to Sustainability

A national online survey on customers’ views on sustainability, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SCA, has reported that Americans support green practices even during economic downturn.

SCA, an international paper and hygiene company, has performed the survey for the fourth straight year. According to the survey results, roughly 69% of American adults buy green products and services, of which 48% purchase the products for their environmental benefits. This survey on the green habits of consumers illustrates the company’s commitment to create a clean and green marketplace.

Around 82% of American adults know which companies and brands follow sustainability practices, of which 80% consider the sustainability history of a company when they make a purchase. Nearly 73% of US adults are able to identify whether a company’s green claim is correct.

The survey also discovered that people support a restaurant that practices sustainable operations. Around 52% of American adults prefer to eat at a restaurant that features an environmental and social component. However, nearly 50% of American adults believe that a green restaurant may cost more, indicating related expenses with sustainable services and goods.

SCA's Sustainability Marketing Manager for Tork Brand, Mike Kapalko stated that although most of the American adults mentioned that they purchase green products and services, there is a slight decrease when compared to earlier years. According to Joshua Radoff, Tork Green Hygiene Council member and a sustainability expert, green certifications garner attention because consumers believe that those certifications are unbiased and transparent.


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