Food is Fuel and Organic Food is Great Fuel

Kevin Boulton and M. Harmony, PhD are changing the way people view Organic Foods. With their Lotus 7 replica, open cockpit racecar, fueled by E85, they are racing across America with a message - Food is Fuel and Organic Food is great fuel!

Boulton has founded the first ever Zero Carbon Footprint race team in America, if not the world, with his S2K roadster powered by a reclaimed supercharged Honda S2000 which produces over 350 horse power to the rear wheels. This recycled car will leap from 0 to 100 in less than 7 seconds and hugs corners like a charm. But the real charm lies in its fuel – E85 ethanol, a bio mass fuel that has the highest oxygen content of any transportation fuel, making it burn cleaner than gasoline.

The Organic Racing Team offsets their carbon footprint with an agreement they have made with a ministry in Georgia in which they have secured 20 acres of woods to offset their carbon output. These woods are home to bear, fox, deer, owl, fowl, and a host of other animals and wildlife. Preserving these homes, timber and land, keeps the world a better place.

True to the phrase “you are what you eat”, the Organic Racing Team members believe that Organic Food is the best food possible. The Organic Racing team is only able to withstand sleep deprivation, drive at top speeds and stay mentally and physically sound by practicing what they preach - consuming organic foods and drink at home and while racing. The Organic Racing Team know that food is fuel.

The Organic Racing Team is setting a valuable example of living in a modern day world without exhausting the resources she has to offer.

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