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Methes Energies Canada to Purchase Biodiesel Processor from BioFuel Aruba

Methes Energies International Ltd., a renewable energy company that offers an array of products and services to biodiesel fuel producers, announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Methes Energies Canada Inc., has signed a Purchase and Cooperation Agreement with BioFuel Aruba of Oranjestad, Aruba, to initially purchase one Denami 600 biodiesel processor.

The agreement was signed during The "Europe Meets the Americas" business conference in Aruba on May 8, 2013. Methes Energies Canada Inc. was a sponsor of the conference which brought together 743 delegates from 203 companies from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean region.

As the first and only biodiesel producer in Aruba, BioFuel Aruba was planning to expand its biodiesel production capacity by as early as third quarter 2013. BioFuel Aruba also entered into pilot project agreements with the Aruba Airports Authority and the public transit company Arubus BV to implement a biodiesel blend into their fleets. Methes Energies and BioFuel Aruba will also be working with the Government of Aruba to develop a biofuels mandate to be incorporated into their national energy policy.

Mr. Abe Dyck, a cofounder and shareholder of Methes Energies, was in Aruba for the ceremonial signing of the agreement. "I believe the signing of this agreement accomplishes the objective Aruba has of becoming a Green Gateway for companies wanting to deploy their technologies in the region. I see this as the start of a great relationship. I have enjoyed working with Gregory and the staff at Arina (Aruba Investment Agency) and look forward to commissioning the first Denami 600 later this year," said Mr. Dyck.

"We can't wait for our first Denami 600 to be delivered. With two pilot projects soon to start with Arubus and the Airport, we are looking forward to a greater demand for biodiesel. Methes' technology is a great fit and will allow us to add more Denamis as the demand increases even more here in Aruba and in the surrounding islands," said BioFuel Aruba President, Gregory Fung-A-Fat.

John Loewen, VP, Operations of Methes Energies, said, "I want to thank and congratulate Gregory and Abe for the progress they've made in moving this project along and turning it into a local success story. We expect to start building their Denami in the next few weeks and deliver as quickly as possible."


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